UAE Fuel Prices for June 2021

Super 98 will sell at Dh2.38 per litre, a rise of 8 fils.


UAE drivers have to pay more in June as fuel prices are witnessing a gradual increase in the international markets. Since February 2021, the prices have bumped up by 27.32 per cent.  The UAE fuel prices for June 2021 will be as follows:

The UAE fuel price committee has announced that Super 98 will sell at Dh2.38 per litre, a rise of 8 fils. Analysing this price with Dh1.91 cost of February, it is a 25.1 per cent growth.

Special 95 will cost buyers Dh2.27 per litre, a climb of 9 fils over Dh2.18 in May — a 26.1 per cent increase compared to February’s bill of Dh1.80.

E-Plus will sell 8 fils higher from tomorrow, at Dh2.19 a litre, contrasted to Dh2.11 in May, or up 27.32 per cent matched up to February’s price of Dh1.72.

Diesel will sell at Dh2.30 a litre, higher from Dh2.17 a litre in May, a rise of 13 fils, or 14.42 per cent more than the February price of Dh2.01.

The fuel prices remained unchanged for 11 consecutive months until February 2021. Since then they have been increasing gradually due to the improved economic activity around the world, especially in America and some region of Europe.

Source and Image: KhaleejTimes



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