Al-Futtaim Lexus Inaugurates its Most Environment-friendly 3S Facility in the UAE

It consists of 192 parking bays and 3 receiving/delivering bays.


Al-Futtaim Lexus has inaugurated its most anticipated Environment-friendly 3S Facility (Sales, Service, and Spare parts) in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). Not only does this launch encourages the UAE Vision 2021, but also demonstrates its responsibility to eco-conservation. The facility testifies the company’s attention toward new and impending changes around the Expo 2020 setting.

The new DIP 3S facility is built around old Japanese perceptions consisting of Kumiko screens. The building is the most advanced representation of Takumi Craft, covering a total area of 5,700 square meters. It consists of 192 parking bays, 3 receiving/delivering bays catering to nine vehicles simultaneously, and a covered zone less than 30 meters from the entry point for bicycles. On top of that, 2 car wash bays and 24 workshop bays are set up for customer’s convenience.

The Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Lexus, Mohammed Maktari, expressed his excitement and high hopes for this initiative in the following words:

“This is a proud moment for Lexus in the UAE. As a brand that has been at the spearhead of sustainability for years globally, we are delighted to announce the launch of an environmentally-conscious facility at DIP. The flagship facility is in line with the vision of the UAE Government to conserve our resources and ensure a better future for generations to come. This facility is unlike any other, and it gives me immense pride that Lexus is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives within the UAE.”

The new Al-Futtaim Lexus Environment-friendly 3S facility is a blend of different sustainable projects that promote an eco-friendly environment. These include:

Solar Panels

The Environment-friendly 3S facility is powered by solar panels, which will minimize overall power consumption by 768,398 kWh every year.

Recycled Carpet System

The engineers have used carpets created from recycled materials. Dubai Municipality has attested them for their durability and usability.

Water Recycling System

The car wash bays are connected with wastewater treatment and recycling system. It means the water used in washing the vehicles can be recycled and reused, thus cutting the water consumption.

Natural Daylight – Sun Tubes

To minimize the use of power, the new Environment-friendly 3S facility employs sun tubes installed at the rooftop. They bring in natural lighting, saving the cost of electricity during the day.

LED Lighting

How many times we see lights sparkling in a showroom even with no customers around. That’s a waste of resources for sure. To cater to this issue, the building uses LED lighting with motion sensors, allowing smart usage of the electricity.

Organic Paint

To give a welcoming and safe atmosphere to both the customers and the workers inside, the building must sport natural paint within the acceptable limits of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). The new Lexus building takes care of it completely. Dubai Central Lab approved the paint for use here.

Airflow Control

To conserve energy, the entrance and exit areas of the building employ an airflow control system that prevents the escape of the cold air.

Condensate Recovery System

The Environment-friendly 3S facility retrieves condensate water generated by Air Handling Units and expends it to water the lands around the area.

Water Dispensing System

The water dispensing system here is also a touch more advanced offering cleaned and disinfected drinking water to minimize carbon footprints.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Parking

Talking about environment-friendliness, how can Lexus forget Electric charging stations? The building has four EV parking slots giving the owners a chance to charge their vehicles. The parking area also provides enabled access for people with special needs.

For more details, log onto Lexus site or call 800-LEXUS (800-53987).

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