Sharjah Municipality Abolishes Free Parking in Certain Areas During Eid Al Adha

Please note that all public parking areas will be paid on the day of Arafat.


While RTA Dubai has announced free parking, as usual, in public zones across Dubai at Eid Al Adha (August 10th to 13th), Sharjah Municipality said the parking would not be free in certain areas during the Eid holidays.

“All public parking lots in the city will be free during Eid Al Adha holidays from August 11 to 13, excluding certain public parking zones that remain paid during all days of the week and in official holidays,” stated Sharjah Municipality.

“Please note that all public parking areas will be paid on the day of Arafat, which falls on August 10. Parking inspectors will continue their duties to detect any parking violations.”

Sharjah Municipality decided to abolish free parking on weekends and public holidays in Al Majaz and Al Shuwaiheen last year after criticism of people. The inhabitants found motorists parking in commercial areas for an infinite time, thus creating congestion around these regions.

The Eid holidays will start tomorrow and end on Tuesday. Tomorrow, we will witness the Arafat day.


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