2018 Mini Convertible Cooper S

2018 MINI Convertible Convertible Cooper S

2018 Mini Convertible Cooper S

2.0 Liters
192 hp
2 door/s
4 Cylinder
4 people
6 Speed Manual Transmission
6.1 City / 7.91 hwy Litre / 100 KM
Starting from
AED 160,000
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The Mini  Convertible  is  the newest addition to the Mini range and it fills the gap for a small family car that was missing from the company model range. The Mini Cooper is designed to rewrite that story. While it's more expensive than most rivals, this BMW built run about adds lots of value with its energizing driving experience and premium character.

Mini is a changing brand for an evolving world, the vast majority of its new owners having very little in common with those that bought into the original Sir Alec Issigonis-designed version way back in the early '60s. Then again, while the new Minis are much larger than the tiny original, the brand still adds an element of fun to everyday life that seems to be missing from so many other four-door hatchbacks. So the next time you see an ad for one of Mini's new models, smile and appreciate that there really is some truth left in advertising. A little bit of money well spent really can buy happiness, to be enjoyed at least a couple of times a day.

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