2018 Jac J4 1.5 L

2018 JAC J4 Sedan 1.5 L

2018 Jac J4 1.5 L

1.5 Liters
113 hp
4 door/s
4 Cylinder
5 people
CVT Speed Continuously Variable Transmissions
10 City / 8.2 hwy Litre / 100 KM
Starting from
AED 34,900
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Jake J4 represents the interests of Jianghuai Auto (JAC) in the compact class-B, and the intention of the Chinese producer is able to compete not only classmates from China, but also domestic Lada Granta, Datsun on-DO, as well as the popular Renault Logan, Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris.

For the money, the JAC J4 offers customers more space and practicality at a price where traditional competitors don't offer much more than a hatchback. Sure, the materials aren't of the highest standards and the design isn't to everyone's taste, but at the end of the day, the 2018 JAC J4 is what it set out to offer, affordable motoring.

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