car Insurance

car Insurance

Best Auto Insurance

Survey Reveals Majority of Drivers in the UAE Want the Best Auto Insurance

According to a study done by the Middle East’s leading online financial comparison portal,, drivers in the UAE don’t compromise over the quality and opt for best auto insurance. About two-third of the...
taxi fare

Taxi Fare for an Unfit Car is now on Insurance

RSA announced an updated motor insurance policy on Sunday. One of the hallmarks of the new policy is the unprecedented taxi fare insurance coverage for its customers. A policy booklet has been compiled and will...
Vehicle Insurance Rate

How to Reduce Vehicle Insurance Rate through Bundling

Car insurance is made mandatory by the traffic and transportation authorities in most parts of the world, especially in the Gulf States. For instance, the traffic department in United Arab Emirates asks for 13-month...
Cut Down Car Insurance Rates

How to Cut Down Car Insurance Rates

There is no denying the fact that car insurance is inevitable in most parts of the world. As the cost of a vehicle increases, insurance rates are likely to go high, thereby weighing heavily...
lower auto insurance rate

How to Lower Auto Insurance Rate in the UAE

Getting vehicle insurance in the UAE is compulsory before you go for its registration. Insurance companies naturally try and charge high for their insurance policies; you have to be witty to secure yourself a... - Car insurance for young drivers

Top 9 Tips to Lower Insurance Rate for Young Drivers

Are you under 25 and have recently bought your first car? Was you too shocked by the high insurance rate they asked you to pay? It does come as a shock that young drivers...
Auto Insurance Discounts

6 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Be Eligible for

Does your car have daytime running lights? Are you a good student? Have you ever taken a driving or safety course? Do you regularly use seat belts? Well, these questions may not apparently have...
types of car insurance policies

5 Types of Car Insurance Policies in the UAE

The first step after buying a car is to register and insure it, so when doing the latter it is vital to know what type of coverage is best suitable to you. There are 5...
Auto Insurance Discounts

Your Insurance Company Knows About You More Than You Think

We all know how insurance companies work. They won't let any opportunity to slip by where your insurance could not be claimed. Even after all the conditions are met, they expertly crunch the insurance...

A Brief Guide to Car Insurance in UAE

In the UAE, car insurance is mandatory for the registration of vehicles. Car insurance policy provides you with a sense of security and protection from liability claims in the event of an accident. Finding...
types of car insurance policies

What Determines the Premium on Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle insurance premium is an expense that you always want to be minimized. Following are five factors that determine the premium on your vehicle insurance. Age, Gender and Marital Status The basic demographic facts like age,...
types of car insurance policies

Full insurance vs. third party: what to choose?

Insurance is like a foreign language, and sometimes it’s hard to understand what everything really means. In insurance language, you are the “first party.” Your insurance company is the “second party.” The third party...