INEOS Automotive Joins Hands With HALO Trust To Build Bespoke Grenadier 4X4

The British and American charity has to embark on world’s most difficult beaten roads.


INEOS Automotive and The HALO Trust have come together to build several bespoke Grenadier models fit for HALO tasks, which aim at saving lives in 25 post-battle countries.

The world’s biggest charitable mine clearance and weapons disposal organisation, HALO Trust has more than 600 4X4 vehicles in its fleet. The British and American charity has to embark on the world’s most difficult beaten roads to carry its operations.

“From mountain tracks to urban battlefields, HALO goes further to find and destroy landmines,” stated James Cowan, CEO of The HALO Trust. “This means that we need a vehicle fleet fit for war zones, rainforests, and deserts. Our 9,000 deminers are some of the most resilient people on the planet – they need a vehicle they can rely on to keep them safe and get the job done. We want to share our experiences with INEOS to help build an off-roader ready for the challenges of the 21st century.”

“I hugely admire the HALO Trust’s mission and the dedication of the HALO team. It is a real privilege to work with them. With decades of experience of running a large number of vehicles in extreme conditions, we could think of no better organisation on Earth for helping us to develop Grenadier,” said Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive. “All the knowledge and insight HALO is sharing with us is incredibly valuable to the engineering programme, and will ultimately help us create the toughest, most capable vehicle for all users.”

INEOS and HALO came together last year in Angola when INEOS started studying Charity’s difficulties in remote areas. They found the drivers have to deal with the toughest terrains and repair the arising issues themselves with basic tools.

As part of this association, both companies will continue working together where INEOS will develop the Grenadier 4X4 prototypes and use them in active HALO projects to check vehicle’s on and off-road abilities.

Once that phase is complete, which might take over a year, INEOS will create Bespoke Grenadier 4X4 tailored specifically for HALO operations and needs. These should have anchor points to accommodate defensive mine-proof belly armour and secure space for mine-clearance tools. These should have the ability to transform into ambulances for the secure removal of likely victims.

Source and Images: INEOS

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