Luxurious Mercedes-Benz EQS Interior Revealed Before Official Debut

The full reveal will happen on April 15. The deliveries are expected in summer.


Mercedes has provided us with some key details of the EQS all-electric luxury sedan that will hit the roads soon. While we do know the mechanical and performance details yet, the automaker has shown us several interior pictures to give us a good idea of its design.

What makes the Mercedes-Benz EQS so sophisticated and opulent are a dashboard-covering infotainment display (along with a more discreet alternative), crafty interior styling, classy materials range, and a revolutionary exterior with crisp proportions. Besides, it offers a range of “soundscapes” created to provide an aural response to the driver.

Interior Design

The star of the show is Mercedes new hyperscreen consisting of a monolithic sheet of glass. It covers the whole dashboard featuring the driver’s instrument cluster, the center display, and the front occupant region. While it looks like one big screen, there actually are multiple touchscreens to control different functions.

If the hyperscreen is too intimidating for you, the automaker is also giving a choice of a more typical vertically positioned floating display such as we find in the new S-class sedan. It floats in front of the center and can be had in wood, metal, or other materials, with different finishes and patterns.

Exterior Design

We have so far seen only the camouflaged exterior pictures of the 2022 Mercedes EQS. However, we know it has got its inspiration from the Vision EQS concept, thus have smooth arcs and sleekly curved edges. The designers have used one arching line stretching from the rear of the front wheel well and going through the rear of the EQS. To highlight the car’s electric powertrain, the hood is shorter than a full-size conventional ICE sedan. Moreover, the rear overhang is extremely small. The available 22-inch wheels add to its aggressive feel.


If you are not fond of revolutionary exterior styling and hyperscreens on the dashboard, you might love different sounds the 2022 Mercedes EQS can generate while driving. Created freshly by a brand’s team, these synthetic driving sounds include mellow, everyday traveler coziness, more insistent, sporty noises, and more. The company’s sound designer Thomas Küppers labels Silver Waves mode as “soft, elegant…not the most emotional sound.” Knock the fervor to Vivid Flux for an electronica-enthused soundtrack, or go for Roaring Pulse, which Küppers defines as “dedicated to the people who stick to strong associations with powerful machines. Think of big, big engines, turbines, and add in a force of nature, like a volcano.”

Looking for more details about the 2022 Mercedes EQS electric luxury sedan. You just have to wait for a few more days as the full reveal will happen on April 15. The deliveries are expected in summer.

Source: CarandDriver
Images: Motor1

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