VW ID. Buzz Electric Van Will Hit Europe in 2022, U.S. in 2023

The ID. Buzz is part of the Volkswagen fast growing electric vehicle lineup.


Carsten Intra. The Head of Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle division confirmed on 25 March that the cute VW ID. Buzz electric van will be available for American customers in 2023, while the European launch will take place a year earlier in 2022. The U.S. lineup will be short yet more upscale.

For European customers, the VW ID. Buzz will come in passenger and commercial models, available in both short and long wheelbase. For the U.S. markets, buyers can only get their hands on a long-wheelbase passenger model. However, Volkswagen may offer up to three battery choices.

The base variant of the electric van will boast a rear-wheel-drive layout generating approximately 200 horsepower. The range-topping ID. Buzz will feature an all-wheel-drive configuration and it will create up to 300 horsepower.

For European markets, Volkswagen plans to offer full self-driving tech for the commercial model. However, that will not hit the roads initially. It is highly unlikely it will be accessible in the U.S. Of note, it will be the first fully self-driving vehicle from the automaker for the European markets.

Volkswagen will develop the ID. Buzz in Hannover, Germany, around 35 miles west of Wolfsburg, together with big and posh utility vehicles that the VW Group creates for its other brands. We believe the first example of the supposed “D-SUV” will appear in 2024.

The ID. Buzz is part of Volkswagen fast-growing electric vehicle lineup. We already have the ID.3 and ID.4 crossover and soon will see a coupe variant of the ID.4 – known as ID.5. On the other hand, China will welcome a stretched out ID.6.

Other vehicles in the pipeline encompass a low-slung finest-quality hatchback and Shooting Brake sitting above the Arteon. However, do not think the combustion-powered VWs like the next-gen Passat, Tiguan, etc, will fade anytime soon.

Source: CarAndDriver

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