Pink And White Chiron ‘Alice’ Is A Magnificent One-Off Creation

It is seemingly a gift to a wife from her husband.


Bugatti is not new to one-off creations and is more than happy to customize a vehicle for you. This time they did a fantastic job creating a pink and white Chiron, which is seemingly a gift to a wife from her husband. Probably for Valentines Day!

Seeing the pictures of the hypercar, we can say this truly is a masterpiece. Every aspect of its creation oozes romance starting from the Silk Rosé color for the outer shell, and lower body trim, a combination of leather and Alcantara materials finished in Gris Rafale and so on.

This expensive pink and white Chiron was ordered through H.R. Owen Bugatti dealership in England.

To give it a touch of individuality, it has “Alice” logo stitched on the headrest as well as on the aluminum door sills. We are sure you know who the “Alice” is.

“We are honored to have played an important part in connecting our customer with this incredible Chiron Sport. The customer came to us with a vision of how they wanted their new Bugatti to look, and we are delighted that the depth and scale of Bugatti’s extensive accessories and options catalog allow for even the most ambitious of designs to be realized. It is incredible to see every Bugatti made in a different way, with the new owner getting a chance to stamp their own personal taste on their new car,” stated Ken Choo, CEO of H.R. Owen.

Source and Images: Motor1

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