Sony Vision-S Electric Car Project is Alive, Found Test Driving In Austria

It shows Sony is serious about taking the project ahead.


After showcasing the Vision-S concept at the CES 2020, Sony is now giving us the first glimpse of the EV in action. In a teaser video, the car can be seen on Austria’s public roads. It shows Sony is serious about taking the project ahead. However, there is no word from the company if they really have plans to put it into production.

The Vision-S EV comes equipped with a range of safety and entertainment features. Talking about safety, the EV has 40 sensors, adaptive cruise control, a self-parking system, and automatic lane changing capability. The car is currently operating in Level 2+ driving assistance with plans to update it to Level 4 ability. It means complete autonomous driving but with a steering wheel, of course for human intervention.

The Vision-S employs side-view cameras instead of mirrors (similar to Honda E). Besides, cameras are everywhere inside to read the driver’s facial expressions, gestures, and lip-reading. These are there to alert the driver when they are fatigued or lose their concentration from the road.

We all know Sony is famous in the entertainment industry, and we can expect pretty much the same entertaining features in the Vision-S EV. The engineers have added a modern stereo with the Sony’s 360 Reality Audio system and the 5G connection to link to the PlayStation Network for on-road video playing.

Source and Images: Motor1

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