2021 Toyota Mirai Buyers May Get $19k Discount in California

The price will be $9,050 lower than the 2020 Mirai.


The 2021 Toyota Mirai is here with surprisingly a lower price tag than the last model. To make the offering more attractive, the company is throwing a big discount on its purchase (with some conditions).

If you are living in any state other than California, this news might not interest you. The fuel-cell vehicle is only accessible in California for now owing to the limited hydrogen refueling stations. The price will be $9,050 lower than the 2020 Mirai.

In addition, Toyota is providing a $10,000 APR Credit for the month of January 2021, according to Cars Direct. It makes the total savings to $19,050, which is huge. In simple words, this discount places the Mirai in the Corolla range.

The problem is that this rebate is available for car shoppers in California only, and they should be ready to finance their Mirai via Toyota at a persuasive finance rate. We do not know what will be the rate, but buyers can even enjoy zero-percent financing for 60 months.

We believe shoppers won’t be able to avail both the concessions together, however, we cannot say anything for sure. What we do know is that discount on the 2021 Toyota Mirai is only accessible on buying, not leasing, and it will last till the end of this month.

We have no idea when Toyota UAE plans to introduce the zero-emission sedan here. Stay tuned!

Source and Images: Motor1

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