Ford F-150 EV Production Will Increase By 50 Percent

The Blue Oval also has plans to invest $1.35 billion in its Oakville Assembly Complex.


Ford is investing and working hard on its battery electric vehicles and we have already seen three Blue Oval EVs either in the production or in the preparation phase. The Mustang Mach-E will hit the US showroom from next month whereas the E-Transit is already here. While the F-150 EV will see the daylight by mid-2022, the interest and faith of customers in the US’s best-selling pickup truck is skyrocketing.

Seeing the interest of people, Ford has announced to bump the production by 50% from its original plan. The company is already spending over $5 billion annually to realize its EV dreams, which are led by the F-150 EV, Mach-E, and E-Transit.

To make it work, Ford is going to employ 200 new employees and is investing $700 million to improve its River Rouge manufacturing complex.

“We are investing heavily in our vehicle programs as well as building out our manufacturing capabilities,” stated Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform, and operations officer. “This will allow us to scale quickly as customer interest in these new products grows.”

The Blue Oval also has plans to invest $1.35 billion in its Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario, Canada to upgrade the plant for EV production.

“Our electric vehicle business is a dynamic source of growth,” tells John Savona, vice president, North American manufacturing. “We’re setting ourselves up for profitable business now and in the future.”

Source and Images: Motor1


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