Watch Two of World’s Most Expensive Cars, Koenigsegg Regera And Agera RS Posing Together

This Regera is made specifically on demand for a YouTuber.


We saw the first production Agera RS Naraya in 2016 featuring blue-tinted clear-carbon finish and 18-karat gold leaf accents delivered to a European customer. Well, that highly customized hypercar has recently met with a bespoke Koenigsegg Regera, inspired by Naraya.

This Regera is made specifically on demand for a YouTuber named Zach Lewis. It boasts exposed carbon in a blue shade and creased with 24-karat gold.

With both priced at about $5 million each, we can safely say it is the most expensive two-car meetup, we have ever witnessed.

Watching the video, you can see the Lewis’ Regera has a little lighter hue compared to the Agera RS Naraya. The Regera also has a different shine due to its lacquer employed on it. However, the interior is almost the same with a blue shade on the Alcantara, the visible carbon fiber polish, and the gold trimmings.

Both these are a rare delight for supercar buffs. Our only wish now to see them racing on a racetrack.

Source and Images: Motor1

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