Lucid Air Sedan Debuts with 406 Miles Range, 480 hp Power, Starting Price $77,400

The Lucid Air sedan will be accessible in 2021 at $77,400 ($69,900 after the federal tax credit).


Lucid Motors has revealed the most affordable variant of the Air sedan yesterday boasting 406 miles of range and 480 horsepower. The good news is the price is within the $60K bracket as promised by the company. Although the starting price is $77,400, it comes down to $69,900 for those eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit on EVs.

The Lucid Air sedan will be the first direct rival of the Tesla Model S, and once out, it will beat its competitor in many departments. For instance, the Air is more spacious and luxurious compared to any Tesla car available today. It also charges quicker than the Model S and even the Tesla’s quickest charging cars, the Model 3 and Model Y. That said, you will need a DC fast charging station with the 300+ kW charging ability. To make the new EV more desirable, Lucid Motors is offering three years of free charging on Electrify America.

 “The Lucid Air is a vehicle that thrills me personally because it delivers a level of performance, efficiency, and luxury that is currently unseen in today’s EVs,” stated Peter Rawlinson, CEO, and CTO, Lucid Motors. “Our vision from the beginning – what drives this company – is creating the world’s best EV technology while making it progressively more attainable over time. With the starting price of Lucid Air range announced today, we are setting the stage for broader adoption of the latest, game-changing EV technology.”

The Lucid Air sedan would also offer more range than the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus. The EPA-estimated range of the Air is 406 miles while the Model S offers 402 miles. However, the Model S generates 534 HP (398 KW) against the base Lucid Air’s 480 HP (358 KW).

The Lucid Air sedan will be accessible in 2021 at $77,400 ($69,900 after the federal tax credit). The Air Touring will come before the end of next year wearing a price tag of at least $95,000 ($87,500 after the federal tax credit).

Customers can expect the Air Grand Touring by the middle of next year starting from $139,000 ($131,500 after the federal tax credit). Finally, the range-topping, limited-volume Air Dream Edition will hit the roads in spring 2021 with a whopping starting price of $169,000 ($161,500 after the federal tax credit).

The entry-level Lucid Air features a single-motor powering the rear wheels. However, customers can have an all-wheel-drive for extra money. Unfortunately, the entry-level Air does not have Lucid’s DreamDrive advanced driver-assistance systems. This optional suite is totally worth your investment. Lucid is “combining the most comprehensive sensor suite on the market with a cutting-edge driver monitoring system.”

To add the touch of elegance inside, the automaker has employed PurLuxe animal-free interior trim in the Mojave theme, the 34” Lucid Glass Cockpit curved, floating display, and the biggest frunk ever accessible in an electric sedan.

If you are interested in this technologically advanced EV, you can reserve it for as little as $300 for the entry-level Air. For this purpose, you can visit the Lucid Motors website or come in person at any of the two Lucid Motors retail facilities in the US. Lucid did not make any facility in the UAE yet, but hopefully, they will very soon.

Source: InsideEvs

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