The Porsche Panamera All-Electric Is On the Cards

Porsche product line vice-president Dr. Thomas Friemuth confirmed this.


While Porsche Taycan and the Panamera have a lot in common in the design department, they surely are different cars. The latter is bigger, thus have more room inside. According to GoAuto Australia, the Porsche Panamera all-electric is on the cards. During the debut of the facelifted 2021 Panamera, Porsche product line vice-president Dr. Thomas Friemuth confirmed this.

“We have to think where are the markets going and we have to now follow what’s happening with our Taycan – our smaller limousine in terms of battery electric vehicles – and then we will see in the future what is happening,” Friemuth stated.

Taycan Turbo

And although both cars have similarities, the company doesn’t see any overlap in these vehicles’ characteristics.

Friemuth specifically mentioned that the Panamera is larger than the Taycan, emphasizing on its interior space. He also pointed out that the Panamera is unlike Taycan, particularly in the metal.

Porsche Panamera all-electric isn’t a surprise for us since we have seen customer’s immense interest in Panamera hybrids, particularly in Europe.

Source and Images: Motor1

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