Buy a New Toyota for As Low As AED 1,049 PM and Enjoy 20% Down Payment Discount

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Buying a new Toyota wouldn’t have been that easier before. As part of Auto Fest, Al-Futtaim Toyota is offering low monthly installments, a 20% down payment discount, a payment protection plan, and guaranteed future value.

Low Monthly Instalments

Now, you can buy a new Toyota for as low as AED 1,049 for Rush followed by Corolla (for AED 1,052) and RAV4 (for AED 1,481).

Here’s the new low monthly installment plan. Pick the one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

20% Down Payment Discount

Buy a new Toyota today to get a 20% waiver in the down payment. Coupled with low installments, this offers a great advantage for new Toyota car buyers.

Payment Protection Plan

The new purchase comes with a 3-year involuntary job loss insurance policy, which provides you protection for six installments or up to AED 20,000 in case you lose your employment.

Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)

Toyota’s GFV gives you peace of mind, as the company is willing to pay an agreed amount at the end of the agreement. You can avail any of the three choices:

  • Renew: You give the old car and get a new one, as the company pays the least assured value and resolve your present loan. You can use the remaining money (if any) as a credit on your new finance.
  • Retain: You retain the vehicle by making the final payment at the end of term or Toyota will arrange refinancing for you.
  • Return: You return the car and walk away. Remember, the company will take into account wear and tear and agreed mileage.

To benefit from these deals, you can do any of the following:

  • Fill the inquiry form to get in touch with a customer service representative
  • Call 80023668677
  • Chat with us on our site between 8 am and 5 pm

Buy your favorite new Toyota today!

Source and Image: Toyota UAE

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