2021 SVE Syclone is a Six-Figure Super Quick Sport Truck

Irrespective of its enormous price tag, the company has already secured 10 orders.


Specialty Vehicle Engineering has unveiled the 2021 SVE Syclone based on the 2021 GMC Canyon Elevation boasting a mighty 750 horsepower, which is 295 hp more than the donor truck. Owing to the extra boost and a whole host of other additions, the Syclone will not be cheap at all. The tuner says it will start at $80,000 without the cost of donor Canyon. Factor in the price of the Canyon Elevation and we are seeing a six-figure beast that can tear apart any asphalt. Mind it, this price is without the optional equipment.

Irrespective of its enormous price tag, the company told Muscle Cars and Trucks that they have already secured 10 orders. SVE plans to produce 50 units.

The 2021 SVE Syclone will be powered by a supercharged 5.3L V8 pumping out 750 horsepower and a huge 600 pound-feet (813 Newton-meters) of torque. The power goes to all the wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

SVE has added a dropped sports suspension, 20-inch wheels, sticky tires, and improved brakes to manage the additional power. The performance figures aren’t revealed yet but considering the Canyon Elevation’s 0 to 96 km/h time of 4.5 seconds, we can definitely expect it to blast the track in a much quicker time.

With this so crazy price tag, it better be quick.

Source and Images: Motor1

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