Inkas Infiniti QX80 Can Survive Rifle Bullets, Hand Grenades

The company did not reveal the price.


The Toronto-based aftermarket specialist Inkas, popular in creating armored vehicles, has fully armored the Infiniti’s QX80 SUV recently and made it so strong that it can survive anything you throw at it including bullets, hand grenades, and other ammo. The Inkas Infiniti QX80 provides protection to everyone inside. Inkas armors different SUVs, sedans, limousines, cash-in-transit vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, as well as, special purpose vehicles.

So, how robust is the Inkas-armored QX80?  Well, it can survive up to two DM51 hand-grenades blasted at the same time thanks to its BR6 ballistic defense. Additionally, it can endure up to 7.62-millimeter assault rifle rounds, for instance, those you shot from an AK-47. They won’t pierce the body and the glass windows, at all.

That’s not all! The Inkas Infiniti QX80 safeguards the battery and electronic control module as well as gets strengthened door hinges, suspension, and other significant structure points to resist any type of assault. The tires even feature run-flat devices for safety.

Notably, the modified QX80 comes with the stock 5.6L V8 engine but gives you choice in other safety equipment. These include a lightweight armoring package, emergency lights system, fire suppression system, heavy-duty brakes and wheels, and a siren/PA system.

The company did not reveal the price of Inkas Infiniti QX80 but seeing the robustness it offers we can expect it anywhere within the six-digit price point. For reference, the 2020 QX80 starts at AED 322,250 and goes as high as AED 397,250.

Source and Images: Inkas

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