Enjoy 50% Traffic Fine Discount for Three More Months in Abu Dhabi

The date has been extended to June 22.


The 50% traffic fine discount, which was meant to expire yesterday, has been extended to June 22, Abu Dhabi Police declared on Saturday. The authorities made this move to make it easier for motorists to pay their fine.

The 50% traffic fine discount was introduced by the Abu Dhabi Police in December last year. According to the statement from the authorities, anyone who had committed a traffic violation before December 22 was able to enjoy up to 50% rebate, avoid vehicle confiscation, and cancelation of black points. The discount scheme came in three flavors; those who pay immediately get 50% reduction, within 60 days receive 35% concession, while anyone paying the fine after 60 days get just 25% rebate.

It was worth noting that the discount was only applicable on mild violations. Abu Dhabi Police now wants you to clear fine online and stay at home to avert the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: KhaleejTimes


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