RG Nathalie Is An Innovative Supercar with Self-Charging Capability

The automaker plans to build just 500 examples.


The German automaker Roland Gumpert (RG) introduced an innovative supercar two years ago by the name Nathalie and now they have revealed its production version. The best thing about the RG Nathalie is its powertrain, which is a fusion of electric motors and methanol fuel cells.

The automaker has installed four electric motors (one on each axle), which get power from the batteries placed on the vehicle’s floor. To charge these batteries, the engineers have used a hybrid system that fuses CO2 with nitrogen oxide. The best thing is these batteries get the current even when the car is not running. However, more power comes when Nathalie speeds up and slows down.

In other words, RG has introduced a complete self-charging system. It means the supercar does not require any kind of recharging. It only needs a 3-minute re-“fueling” of the methanol tank. Moreover, this recharging system is so efficient that it enables the car to deliver 821 kilometers of range at an average speed of 121 kilometers per hour. On the eco mode, it can even complete 1,199 kilometers, which is astonishing.

Everything about the RG Nathalie is super impressive, but what about the power output. That’s extraordinary as well! The electric motors can generate a remarkable 536 horsepower and 989 Newton-meters of torque. This power enables the Nathalie to speed up to 97 km/h in 2.5 seconds only on its way to a top speed of 306 km/h.

The automaker plans to build just 500 examples at an estimated price of $366,000-$610,000.

Source and Images: Motor1

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