Hyundai and Genesis Guaranteeing 6 Car Payments For Buyers Who drop Their Employment

This is really a great way to boost sales and help the customers in these tough times.


The world’s businesses including the auto industry are tumbling due to Coronavirus and feeling the heat of the dropped sales. Fortunately, some automakers know exactly how to attract potential customers. Hyundai and Genesis have decided to make up to six months of car payments for those new car buyers who drop their employment due to the tough economic situations. This is really a great way to boost sales and help the customers in these tough times.

This action will help customers to purchase their favorite Hyundai and Genesis vehicles with a peace of mind. According to Genesis, “Customers who have purchased their new Genesis vehicle between March 14 and April 30, 2020, financed or leased it through Genesis Finance and experience an involuntary job loss any time this year. Additionally, for customers who purchase a new 2019 Genesis G70 and finance it through Genesis Finance by April 30, 2020, Genesis will defer payments for 90 days.”

Hyundai is also offering a similar deal for buyers, “Hyundai will make up to six months of car payments for new owners who lose their jobs and have purchased or leased their vehicle between March 14 to April 30, 2020, through Hyundai Capital. Additionally, for select new purchases through April 30 financed by Hyundai Capital, Hyundai is deferring payments for 90 days at the customer’s request.”

This is not the first time the South Korean automotive giant Hyundai has introduced such a scheme. Around 11 years ago, they permitted buyers who were laid off from their jobs to return the financed or leased vehicles within one year. The automaker accumulated lots of appreciation from customers that time.

Hyundai and its luxury brand Genesis both know how to help customers in harsh times. According to Mark Del Rosso, President, and CEO, Genesis Motor North America, “In these uncertain times created by the coronavirus and the general anxiety experienced in communities throughout America, we wanted to step forward for our customers and help alleviate at least some of the potential concerns they may have.”

Source: Motor1


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