Renault Morphoz Concept Previews Company’s Design and Zero-Emission Philosophy

It offers a drive range between 400 km and 700 km depending on the battery.


Renault has unveiled Morphoz concept vehicle to preview brand’s philosophy for its zero-emission vehicles. Seeing the pictures and the video, we find this concept takes the shape of a sporty crossover with a sloped roofline and small overhangs.

Build on the CMF-EV modular electric platform, the best thing about the Morphoz is its ability to transform. The platform can accommodate different types of body configurations and battery capacities.

This particular concept can alter its physical dimensions. There are two variants: one for city travel and the other for highway journeys. The latter offers more space for passengers and luggage.

To alter the dimensions, the driver needs to just wave and the vehicle will open its opposite-facing doors with no B pillars. Inside, it allows the occupants to alter seat layout as per their desire.

The automaker has used Level 3 autonomous technology in the Morphoz concept, which means the car can drive itself in specific conditions, on designated roads. However, the driver has to be ready to take control in case something unusual comes up on the road.

The Morphoz offers a driving range between 400 km and 700 km depending on the battery. The automaker imagines this concept as both an individual and a sharable EV.


“Bold in its modularity, innovative in its design, human-centric through its ability to facilitate sharing and exchange, the Morphoz concept perfectly embodies the new Livingtech philosophy of Renault’s design,” Laurens van den Acker, design director at Renault, remarks.

Source and Image: Motor1

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