Avail 100% Discount on Traffic Fines in Dubai from Today

The driver who earns a rebate can pay the fine any time.


If you have been driving around Dubai for a year without committing any traffic violation, you are entitled to avail a 100% discount on prior accumulated fines from today (February 7).

Major Mohammad Ali director of call center 901 at Dubai Police talked to Gulf News regarding the discounts. He said they have received many calls where motorists were unsure about availing the rebates.

“The drivers who didn’t commit traffic offenses in Dubai for one year can enjoy the 100 percent discount as of Friday [February 7, 2020]. People who are eligible for discount can pay it anytime,” Maj Ali told Gulf News.

The 100% discount initiative was announced last year for any driver who does not commit an offense for a year. That’s not all! Anyone who didn’t violate any traffic rule for three months, six months and nine months can avail 25%, 50%, and 45% discounts respectively.

The driver who earns a rebate can pay the fine any time.

Source and Image: GulfNews


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