Aston Martin and Gentex to Create a New Rear-view Camera System

It will be a hybrid setup.


The vehicles around the world have been using rear-looking mirrors for decades and though work to revolutionize the way they can assist in the safety of a vehicle is underway for quite some time, the developed systems aren’t fail-safe and so much reliable yet for the automakers to use them in their mainstream vehicles. Well, that’s going to change as Aston Martin and Gentex, a technology company that produces custom high-tech electronic products for the automotive, aerospace, and commercial fire protection industries, have joined hands to develop a new rear-view camera system.

While Aston Martin will provide the design and engineering direction, Gentex will incorporate the cameras, software, and mirror-integrated display. In this regard, Gentex is taking help from Lumatech that is creating exterior mirrors.

Talking about the new rear-view camera system for Astons, it will be a hybrid setup, meaning the mirror will act both as a standard auto-dimming rearview mirror and LCD delivering a full rear view of the car. As the driver moves the mirror, the cameras will change the angles as well.

It is worth noting that Gentex is creating it as a Full Display Mirror, meaning it can work standalone and replace the traditional vehicle mirror. They also made it keeping in mind the road regulations defined by different government agencies around the world.

This new rear-view camera system will grace the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera at 2020 CES for public viewing. Besides, owners of the DBS GT Zagato will have it pre-installed in their vehicles.

Do you think such a Full Display Camera system will replace the customary mirrors in our cars? Well, it will definitely take time but we can expect the technology to become part of the luxury high-end models of the future.

Source and Images: MotorAuthority


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