How to Save Money on Fuel in the UAE

While we cannot control the price of the gas, we can change our driving style.


With the fluctuating fuel costs, it has become hard for motorists to stay within their fuel budget. While we cannot control the price of the gas, we can change our driving style to save money on fuel. Read on to find out how:

Warming Up your Vehicle

It is a good idea to warm up your car for long in the Western countries due to harsh cold weather, but living in the Emirates, we should not stretch the warm-up session for more than 30 seconds. The temperature remains moderate here throughout the year, so we will just waste our petrol by warming up more.

Using the AC

I understand it is unavoidable to turn off the AC in summer, but we can save fuel by switching it off in the cooler winter months. Even at cool summer nights, we can turn off the AC and enjoy the fresh air.

AC Off with full Windows Open

Yes, turning off AC saves fuel, but driving with full windows open, especially on the highway, will increase air resistance, thus your vehicle has to use more power to cut the air. Therefore, you won’t save much with open windows on the highway.

Turning off the Engine

Think about turning off the engine when you have to run a quick errand out of your vehicle. Even you are going out or have to wait for more than 10 seconds, turn off the engine to save gasoline.

Car Servicing

A properly maintained and serviced car will use less fuel compared to a poorly maintained, non-serviced vehicle. So, make it a habit to tune your car, as instructed in your car’s owner manual.

Tire Pressure Check

Underinflated tires consume more fuel because they become less efficient on the road. Check the owner’s manual to know the tire pressure you should maintain for each tire to get the maximum fuel efficiency.

Hard Acceleration

Abrupt acceleration kills your fuel efficiency figures. Always use a light foot on the pedal and you will see your car responding to it with a low gasoline bill.

Act upon these tips and I’m sure you will have to visit the gas pumps less often next month. I also suggest you learn more on this subject by reading our blog, ‘Common Myths About Fuel Economy’.


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