Dh400 Fine For Driving in the Right Lane on Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street

The lane is reserved for emergency vehicles, public transport buses and taxis.


The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate has nominated the right lane on King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street in Abu Dhabi for emergency vehicles, public transport buses, and taxis. The rule applies from December 1 to all transport coming from both directions on Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street. Violators have to bear a Dh400 fine.

It has been found on several occasions that motorists fail to give way to emergency vehicles. They even lack the knowledge regarding this. This is the reason, Dubai Police started a campaign named ‘Give Way Give Hope’ in October. The initiative was aimed at teaching motorists the rules of giving way to emergency cars.

The authorities even made and released a video to educate the drivers. We explained in our last article about it, as well:

Do not:

  • go after the emergency car,
  • drive on the hard shoulder
  • walk on the pedestrian crossing when you find an emergency car coming
  • jump over the red signal

Source and Image: KhaleejTimes

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