UAE Fuel Prices for December 2019 to Increase Slightly

Find a comparison of the fuel prices of November and December below.


The Fuel Price Committee has announced a slight rise in the UAE fuel prices for December 2019 The prices of petrol will increase between 1.4% and 1.8% while the price of diesel will remain the same as in November 2019.

Here’s a comparison of the fuel prices of November and December.

  • Super 98 will sell at Dh2.24 compared to Dh2.20 in November
  • Special 95 will cost Dh2.12 compared to Dh2.09 in November
  • Diesel’s price will remain the same at Dh2.38.

The UAE government started deregulating fuel prices in August 2015. If we compare December 2019 prices with those in August 2015, we see a very slight variation. When liberalized, Super 98 was Dh2.23 and now it is Dh2.24. Similarly, Super 95 was at Dh2.14, which is now at Dh2.12. So, we can see these prices coincide with the values of Aug 2015.

Source and Image: TheNational

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