Is it Dubai Police Cybertruck from Tesla?

Dubai Police also didn’t comment if they plan or have pre-ordered this truck.


Tesla Cybertruck’s popularity persuaded Dubai Police to tease a Cybertruck donning the livery of the task force on Tuesday. Dubai Police tweeted a picture made by Dubai Future Foundation, which went viral soon after its publishing. The caption in the tweet says, “Dubai Police #Cybertruck 2020”. While Dubai Police Cybertruck is definitely a possibility, we are sure it won’t be a 2020 model since the production will start in late 2021. Dubai Police also didn’t comment if they plan or have pre-ordered this unconventional pickup truck.

The Cybertruck is getting all the hype these days, which is evident from the 250,000 pre-orders within a few days of its unveiling (a figure given by CEO). Musk calls it “futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner truck” and plans to put it against the likes of Ford F-150, RAM trucks and Chevrolet Silverado, all of which are enjoying healthy sales.

If we think rational, the Dubai Police Cybertruck makes perfect sense considering the flashy fleet it already has. It would stand out among its fleet and is a no slouch for high-speed pursuits. However, we doubt the force will ever try to use it for this purpose.

We have already covered most of the stuff about the Cybertruck, so go through our detailed article on its unveiling.

Source and Image: TheNational.Ae and Gulf News

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