Book a Dubai Taxi in Just 10 Seconds from December

As it shifts to Hala’s e-hailing system, customers will use Careem app for booking.


Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is going to revolutionize their Dubai taxi booking and dispatch service by shifting it to Hala, which is a joint venture between RTA and Careem. With the service taking into effect from December 7, 2019, booking a taxi will take just 10 seconds (current average time is 2 to 3 minutes), while the waiting time will be cut to just 3.5 minutes (current average time 11 minutes).

RTA is currently using an interactive voice response system where a customer has to call 04-2080808 to book a Dubai taxi. As it shifts to Hala’s e-hailing system, customers will use the Careem app for booking. Hala was formally launched on 29 August 2019.

“This step marks a major shift in the Dubai Taxi booking process from the call center to Hala. It is part of RTA’s strategic drive to support the Dubai Government’s Smart City initiative. This transition comes after a landmark one-millionth booking within days after the official launch of Hala service on 29 August 2019,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“The step contributes to RTA’s objective of revamping taxi services in Dubai, making the service more accessible through e-hailing, and at the same time advancing the integration of public transit means,” stated Bahrozyan.

Apart from reducing the time to book a taxi, this service will enable customers to complain directly through Careem in-app chat. However, travelers have to contact the RTA Call Center (8009090) for the safety and reporting of lost items.

Talking about this shifting of taxi booking service, Clemence Dutertre, CEO of Hala, stated: “Our mission is to offer the best experience to customers when booking a ride in Dubai. The migration of the Dubai Taxi booking process to Hala will continue to ensure the most efficient experience for customers, connecting users to the closest Dubai Taxi at the touch of a button.”

What makes Hala e-hailing different from the traditional taxi booking is the estimation of the fare upfront, driver information, route tracking, and payment via cash or credit card.

Source and Image: GulfNews

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