Sharjah Smart Parking Allows Motorists to Book Parking via Cellphone

The system will run on a three-month trial.


The Sharjah City Municipality in association with Evoteq is introducing Sharjah Smart Parking system allowing motorists to book parking spaces through their cellphones. The system uses artificial intelligence to find vacant spots in specified parking-lots.

The Sharjah Smart Parking system will run on a three-month trial and authorities will inspect its success before rolling it out on a big scale.

The parking system will introduce multiple categories such as VIP Spaces, Priority Parking etc. As the name suggests, the VIP parking will provide quick access to a parking lot, keeping in view the convenience of the passengers. Those who are in a hurry to park their vehicles can opt for Priority Parking, which will surely be expensive.

Thabit Salim Al Turaifi, director-general of the Sharjah Municipality, told media they want to deliver the best services to their customers through digital means. Sharjah Smart Parking will save the time of motorists, thus making them more productive.

Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq, stated: “We are honored to partner with the Sharjah City Municipality to provide its leading expertise in digital transformation and new ICT technology. As a trusted partner, we are developing solutions that will establish Sharjah as a leading digital economy and smart city.”

Source and Image: KhaleejTimes

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