50% Rebate on Fines for Jaywalkers in Sharjah

“It is a crime to cross a road from an undesignated place."


A few days back, we informed you that ‘Sharjah Executive Council has decided to give a 50% rebate on traffic fines to encourage motorists to minimize violations and abide by traffic rules.’ In this regard, authorities have notified us that the 50% rebate is also available for jaywalkers in Sharjah.

Any jaywalker who was fined before October 22 will be able to avail a 50% discount. Please note, the rebate is not available for people who were fined on or after October 23.

Jaywalking is a common sight here in the UAE and a significant cause of death on the roads. Last year, we witnessed 30 deaths of jaywalkers in Sharjah. Although there has been a decline in road deaths compared to the year before, we need to understand the risks of crossing the roads from undesignated places.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander in Chief of Sharjah Police, said, “It’s important that all road users understand the risks of violating safety, whether crossing or walking on the road, and learn how to stay safe.”

“It is a crime to cross a road from an undesignated place, and offenders are fined Dh400.”

“Pedestrians are advised to cross the road from zebra crossing or pedestrian bridges, otherwise they will face fines,” he added.

The Federal Penal Code explains that the pedestrians who cross a road from an undesignated place are responsible for their injuries and damages.

Sharjah Police has warned jaywalkers in Sharjah, especially, to not cross Ebraheim Al Midifa’a Road, Industrial area No.4 Road, and Al Nahda.

Source and Image: GulfNews

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