Dubai Police Speedy Ambulance Service Can Save A Heart Patient’s Life

The program requires heart patients to register through Dubai Police website or app.


In the wake of a continuous rise in deaths due to cardiovascular diseases, the Dubai Police speedy ambulance comes for the rescue. It aims at providing emergency ambulance services for heart patients throughout the UAE.

Initiated in 2007, the program requires heart patients to register through the Dubai Police website or app. As of October 2019, more than 3,000 patients have become a part of the Dubai Police speedy ambulance network.

The Dubai Police Operations Department’s Lieutenant Engineer Ahmed Al Najjar, while talking to the media, stated that the first sixty minutes of cardiac arrest are most crucial. That’s the reason Dubai Police has committed to sending a fully equipped ambulance to heart patients, which reaches to the scene within five minutes.

The location of registered heart patients appears as a ‘Heart’ on the Dubai Police Command Control Center’s GPS. Dubai Police requires the patient’s phone number, address, and emergency contact details upon registration to reach and rescue them as quickly as possible.

Patients can contact the speedy ambulance service through the SOS function on the Dubai Police app or by dialing 999. The service works even if the patient doesn’t say anything on call, or has someone else call for them.

The patient doesn’t have to be at home to receive the emergency rescue. The Police can track their location from the registered mobile number through GPS. The Dubai Police speedy ambulance service extends to elderly citizens and even tourists.

Source and Image: KhaleejTimes

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