RTA Dubai Installing Truck Sensors and Using Drones to Improve Road Safety

RTA used to monitor heavy vehicles on Dubai roads manually.


RTA has fixed a truck sensor on Al Hatta Road to identify overloaded trucks that can be dangerous for other road users. The authorities plan to set more truck sensors and even use drones to check the height of the vehicles.

Abdulla Albastaki, director of monitoring and enforcing department at the licensing agency of the RTA, said, “We used to monitor heavy vehicles on Dubai roads manually, and that takes time.”

“We have changed that, and we have installed truck sensors under the roads.

“When the vehicle crosses that sensor, it will be able to tell us if it is overweight, which is a safety issue.”

Once a sensor identifies an overloaded truck, it sends a signal to the closest safety car. The officer then stops the vehicle and fines the driver for violation.

“It gets checked for the violations. We also have a drone that can fly there to check the height of the vehicle.”

“A robot on the road also signals the vehicle to stop. This enhances efficiency, and it helps us capture a lot of data with cameras and technology.”

Source and Image: KhaleejTimes

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