Bugatti Chiron Sets New Top Speed Record By Hitting 305 mph

Behind the wheels was Andy Wallace.


Bugatti  on Monday made headlines as they tested a ‘near production prototype Chiron derivative’ at the Ehra Lessien test track in Lower Saxony, Germany and hit 304.773 mph speed, making Chiron the fastest production car in the world. Behind the wheels was Andy Wallace, who also made a top speed record by hitting 240 mph in McLaren F1. Andy did it on 2nd of August but Bugatti made it public recently.

While CEO Stephan Winkelmann showed it disinterest in setting a top speed record for a long time, suddenly he changed his mind and declared they are ready to break the 300 miles per hour speed barrier. “What a record! We’re overjoyed to be the first manufacturer ever to have achieved a speed of more than 300 miles per hour. It’s a milestone for eternity. I would like to thank the whole team and driver Andy Wallace for this outstanding performance,” stated Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

“This world record once again shows that Bugatti still builds the fastest cars in the world. But our hyper sports cars are capable of more. They offer absolute exclusivity, luxury, unmatched beauty and a high level of automotive craftsmanship. The Bugatti is the only hyper sports car that combines all of these characteristics in one vehicle. We will concentrate even more on this in the future in the context of further exciting projects.”

Bugatti didn’t give us much details about this run, so we can’t really say if the Chiron has registered itself in the Guinness Book of World Record or not. It is mandatory for a car to make a run on both directions to cater to conditions. The average between two sprints is what actually considered for the record.

Andy Wallace

It is worth noting that the French automaker has made this record at a time when its rivals are readying their supercars to steal the fastest production car title. The 1,750 SSC Tuatara, the Hennessey Venom F5 and Koenigsegg Jesko are all eyeing for what Bugatti just achieved. Of course, they have to do better than the Chiron to be in the race now, which is quite possible for these hypercars. The founder of Hennessey has plans to hit 310.68 mph later this year or the start of next year. Seeing its aerodynamics and the powerful engine, we believe it will be successful in its plans.

While talking about the top speed record, how can we forget Koenigsegg. Their Agera RS made headlines in 2017 as it hit 277.9 mph at a closed Nevada highway. The automaker is presently readying Jesko hypercar and developing a special edition as well to hold its fastest production car title.

Let’s see if any of these hypercars can beat the Bugatti Chiron’s newly set speed record.

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