GMC Forgotten Toy Campaign Raises Awareness on Children Safety Inside Cars

Check out the video and share it in your social circles to help spread the message across.


Leaving children unattended in vehicles is a common phenomenon around the world. Imagine how a child would feel when the temperature rises to around 50C. GMC Middle East is playing its role by starting the Forgotten Toy Campaign with an aim to make people aware of the dangers associated with this particular practice.

Every year we hear about children deaths inside cars because of the extreme heat. As a parent/guardian taking children out in our vehicles, we must understand that kids bodies’ heat up three to five times faster than grown-ups. Additionally, kids bodies’ can’t cool themselves down quickly. When we leave them inside a car for even a few minutes with windows rolled up, we dig a death trap for them. The extreme heat, which rises quickly inside the vehicle (experts say it gets 30C higher than the outside temperature) can cause hyperthermia dehydration and other fatal issues in them.

GMC Forgotten Toy campaign makes use of a toy made of Silicone, Paraffin wax, and Beeswax. The video above replicates a real-life situation showing how the scorching heat can affect a child left unattended in a car. The movement solicits support from the community to play their part to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Daniella D’Souza, Head of Brand – GMC Middle East, stated: “The safety of drivers, passengers, and the wider community sits at the center of everything we do as a brand. While we are constantly innovating and striving to add value to the safety standards in our GMC vehicles, we also share a responsibility to shed light on critical and life-threatening issues like this one. Everyone has a role to play to deliver safety, and we hope our loyal and growing community around the region joins us in raising awareness around the risks attached to the hazardous habit of leaving children unattended in cars by sharing our “Forgotten Toy” campaign and spreading the message.”

You should also know that leaving a child inside a vehicle can put you behind bars. Check out the video and share it in your social circles to help spread the message across.

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