Get A 50% Discount By Driving Safely on September 2

Drivers must sign the assurance letter online.


The “Day Without Accidents” on September 2nd will give drivers in Dubai a chance to get 50% discount on their black points and confiscation fees if they vow driving safely on the day. Drivers must sign the assurance letter online and ensure to keep the promise of driving safely. This special offer is made to encourage safer driving habits in Dubai.

The press conference held at the Dubai Police Officer’s Club set the “Day Without Accidents” to be on September 2nd, which is the same day schools are opening following summer vacation. Last year, this campaign gained popularity with over 900,000 individuals signing themselves up. The result of the campaign showed a zero death count previous year on the first day of schools.

Dubai Police is continuing the campaign because of the positive results in the past. The 50% discount is a great initiative to teach drivers to adopt safe driving habits and remain aware of road safety laws and regulations.

The obligation letter asks drivers to pay attention to a few crucial things such as wearing a seat belt, giving priority to pedestrians crossing the street, keeping a safe distance between vehicles, not using the phone and so on. Drivers who would follow the rules on September 2nd, the Dubai Police intends to honor them with appreciation certificate and discounts. Last year, the authorities honored around 11 participants who kept their vows.

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Source: GulfNews


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