Beware of Rumors – A Speeding Violation Will Fine You in Dubai

A Saudi visitor made a speeding violation in Dubai but Police chose not to fine him.


A recent photo message going viral on social media is misguiding people in Dubai. The message says, a Saudi visitor made a speeding violation in Dubai but Police chose not to fine him. The Dubai Police said in their message to the visitor:

“Dear motorist, the Dubai Police welcome you as a guest and visitor of Dubai, and wish you a fruitful stay. We are sorry to tell you that a traffic radar has detected you speeding, and although, it is a violation of traffic law, we won’t issue a ticket to you, because we wish your safety, not to fine you.”

Dubai Police has responded to this speeding violation rumor. Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qassim, director of the Dubai Police security media department, told media that this is an old message, which the department sent to visitors in Dubai 10 years ago. He also explained that the logo in the picture is outdated.

Colonel Faisal urged social media users not to spread fake information. Anyone who likes to share anything related to motoring rules and regulations must first consult Dubai Police’s official channels and make sure the news is accurate.

If someone really wants a waiver on his/her speeding fines, he must become a safe driver by not committing even a single violation in a year. Know about this Dubai Police initiative.

Source: KhaleejTimes

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  1. Dimple Glamour says

    Yes but its impossible to have no violation. Its only possible if you don’t drive for a year. I have lived here for over 30 years and I still see violations for even stopping on the side in a service lane for 10 seconds to pick someone up. Its a fine system that only wants to make money and disputes are ignored and majorly time consuming. I hope someone sincerely looks into it and sorts it out.

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