Watch Ford Electric F-150 Tow a Million+ Pounds

Ford invited a few F-Series owners to a trainyard and lined up 42 F-150s.


In the start of this year, Ford confirmed to bring a hybrid and electric F-150, and it looks like the work on the electric model is near its completion. Ford recently released a video, which shows true capabilities of their upcoming all-electric F-150 truck. It is powerful enough to tow more than a million pounds. Yes, it is not a typo; the F-150 pulled around 1.25 million pounds.

Ford’s all-electric F-150 will come in addition to the all-new Ford F-150 Hybrid, which goes on sale next year.

Ford invited a few F-Series owners to a trainyard and lined up 42 F-150s there to signify this truck’s 42 years of excellence. All these trucks cover around 1,000 feet. The video shows us a prototype of electric F-150, which tries to pull ten double-decker train cars weighing around a million pounds. Behind the wheels of the electric truck is F-150’s Chief Engineer, Linda Zhang who uses the vehicles instant toque to pull these train cars up to 1,000 feet. That’s truly incredible!

But you know what’s most incredible is that Ford loads these 42 trucks inside the train cars and Zhang again performs the same stint, only this time the truck towed around 1.25 million pounds.  Never, anyone tried to do that, so it is not only impressive for current F-series fans but also for the rival automakers that are spending days and nights to make their electric trucks more capable than the others.

An all-electric Ford F-150 prototype during a capability test. The battery-powered truck successfully towed more than 1.25 million pounds of rail cars and trucks during the test.

Ford might win the race initially as it is investing heavily in this project. The company has also bought some shares of Rivian, a new electric startup, and will use its technology and electric platform to create other Ford electric vehicles.

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