How to Use a Zebra Crossing in the UAE

it is very important that both motorists and walkers know their duties.


While zebra crossing is a boon for pedestrians, it is essential that both motorists and walkers know their duties. Today, we will talk about these duties to make roads a safe place for travels. Remember, not abiding the zebra crossing rules can inflict Dh500 fine and six black points.

What Drivers Must Understand

  • As you see the ‘Yield’ sign, you must expect pedestrians anytime on the crossing.
  • You must immediately slow down or stop to allow all walkers pass without harm.
  • As you stop, use hazard lights to indicate vehicles behind you.
  • Do not try to cross the road from another lane if you find another vehicle stopped at the crossing already. You must know it is stopped there for a reason.
  • As you reach zebra crossing and find walkers already crossing, you must halt your vehicle immediately.
  • Give walkers the respect and courtesy they genuinely deserve. As you come out of your vehicle, you become a pedestrian, and you surely like motorists give you due respect.

What Pedestrians Must Do

  • Avoid any distractions as you approach zebra crossing such as the use of the phone
  • Look into the eyes of the approaching driver
  • Understand, you are most vulnerable on the road
  • Do not think a yield sign gives you full permission to enter zebra crossing. The motorist might not have seen the sign due to some distraction
  • Never jump a red light
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