Use Zebra Crossing Wisely to Save Pedestrian Lives and Dh500 Fine

Pedestrians also need to abide by the rules to protect their lives.


Abu Dhabi Police has started an educational campaign, which demands motorists to take care of Zebra Crossing. It will not only protect the lives of pedestrians but will also save them from Dh500 fine and six black points.

Unfortunately, some drivers do not abide by this rule, and this the reason 30 people lost their lives in 2018, as per a report by Sharjah Police. If we go another year behind, Abu Dhabi police reported 63 pedestrian deaths.

That said, pedestrians also need to abide by the rules to protect their lives. They must take a route to underpasses and pedestrian bridges wherever available and should only use zebra crossing when it is safe.

Jaywalking is also common across UAE. We can realize the gravity by seeing the 2017 report of Abu Dhabi Police. The authorities fined Dh400 to more than 50,000 jaywalkers during that year.

“Motorists should slow down near pedestrian crossings and internal roads in neighborhoods, and always give pedestrians the right of way at intersections,” advised Abu Dhabi Police.

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