Continental Study Shows Over 50% UAE Students Do not Take Care of Car Tires

When checked, they found over 40% of student cars were fitted with unsafe tires.     


Continental, the leading tire and technology company, carried out two studies to ascertain how vigilant the young drivers (18-24) are toward tire maintenance and following the recommended safety standards. The research found more than 50% of them weren’t taking care of the car tires while more than 10% were unfamiliar with tire’s job in road safety. When checked, they found over 40% of student cars were fitted with unsafe tires.

Carried out in association with YouGov and American University in Dubai & University of Dubai, the first study revealed over 55% young driver didn’t inspect their car tires in the last month. Experts suggest checking tire pressure every two weeks.

Additionally, the survey found out young driver’s ignorance toward the importance of car tires for safety. More than 11% said ‘it wasn’t at all important’ or ‘not very important.’

While UAE roads are safer than before, the Ministry of Interior and National Transport Authority show us the dark side. More than 468 people succumbed to death on the UAE roads in 2018. Besides, the statistics show 45% of accidents happened due to the mistakes of young drivers (18-30).

Talking about the car tire safety campaign, Haitham Al Maaini, Acting Director, Student Services Department at the University of Dubai, stated: “At the University of Dubai, we are determined to spread safety awareness among our students and personnel, particularly road safety. Our initiatives come in line with the efforts made by UAE authorities to reduce fatalities and protect people’s lives from car accidents mostly caused by high-speed driving or using road-unworthy vehicles. Therefore, the comprehensive tire check campaign delivered by Continental at University of Dubai was essential and very beneficial to our students.”

Ricardo Martins, Head of Marketing, Continental Middle East, stated: “The number of young drivers in the UAE who are not taking the health of their tires seriously should be a worry to all of us. While these concerns were initially highlighted by the results of the survey, the findings of the spot-checks we undertook in collaboration with the University of Dubai and American University in Dubai served to reinforce these concerns.”

Continental commissioned these studies to educate students on the importance of car tires and fulfill their Vision Zero dream.

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