Abu Dhabi Police Gives A Chance to Reduce Black Points on License

Motorists can enroll in three training programs.


Abu Dhabi Police has started a traffic awareness campaign allowing motorists to reduce black points on their licenses. In this campaign, motorists can enroll in three training programs. Below are the details of these programs.

  1. First Program: Those who have accumulated 23 black points and are on the brink of getting their vehicles confiscated can take part in this. It will assist them in reducing up to eight black points per year, provided they complete the course successfully.
  2. Second Program: This one is for drivers who have got over 24 black points and their driving license suspended.
  3. Third Program: This training plan is for motorists who have crossed all limits and authorities have ordered to impound their vehicles.

Those who like to take part in these training programs can call the police services line 600566006 or visit Abu Dhabi Police website. These trainings are available in Arabic, English, and Urdu at the police’s unit for traffic points programs in Musaffah, police follow-up division in Zayed City in Al Dhafra zone and the police follow-up at the ‘Morawab Al Qadim’ building in Al Ain.

“The training programs are an opportunity for traffic offenders to improve their driving behavior, turn into good drivers and comply with the traffic rules and legislation,” said a police officer.

Motorists who are really looking to reduce black points on their license should enroll in these courses.

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