Abu Dhabi Police Gets Very Strict with Driving Without License

Unlicensed drivers are reckless because they are not familiar with the rules of driving.


Driving without license is a serious crime and Abu Dhabi Police is very strict with people who get behind the wheels without acquiring a license from the authorities. In the wake of a recent accident in Abu Dhabi where four passengers were killed on the spot due to the driver, driving without a license, has raised our eyebrows on the gravity of this behavior. Of course, it is not solely the duty of Police to capture unlicensed drivers and charge them, it is also our moral duty to abide by the law.

Unlicensed drivers are reckless because they are not familiar with the rules of driving. They speed, they tailgate and they swerve – all of these are the major cause of accidents on the road. If we see the stats, in the first half of last year, police caught 342 people driving without license. All of them were minors, who also committed 17 traffic accidents during the same period. If we go behind one year, the authorities issued 866 tickets to drivers without license.

Lt-Col Abdullah Al Suwaidi, deputy director of the Department of External Zones at Abu Dhabi Police Department of Traffic and Patrols, stated: “Apart from being a huge violation, driving a car without a license is very dangerous and poses threat to both the driver and other road users.”

Right now, the authorities are charging around Dh5,000 or they punish the culprit 3 months prison.

“We urge all motorists to abide by the traffic rules, avoid recklessness and not flout speed limits,” said Al Suwaidi.

He also warned that Police will now be very, very strict on the offenders to improve road safety. The authorities are also advising the guardians to never allow their children to get behind the wheels. It is not only for their safety but also for the safety of people on the road. The underage children if caught driving will bring bad news for their parents who will be treated under the juvenile delinquency law.

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