Eid Without Fines in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah

The relaxation is for only those who get flagged by police officers.


The Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah Police have affirmed the launch of Eid Without Fines campaign, which will last for two days. As the name suggests, during the first two days of Eid Al Fitr, the traffic police will not penalize the offending motorists. Instead, they will hand over educational pamphlets to advise them on following the traffic rules.

Bear in mind, the relaxation is for only those who get flagged by police officers. Anyone overspeeding or crossing the red signal will still get a penalty, as the radars are there to catch every illegal move.

Lt. Col. Mohammad Al Bahir, head of the Department of Investigation and Traffic Control at Ras Al Khaimah Police, told the media that they will start distribution of the educational material to motorists from tomorrow.

A senior executive from Ajman police notified that they are going to use 40 patrols during Eid Al Fitr to improve security and safety of the people.

Lt. Col. Saif Abdullah Al Falasi, director of traffic and patrol department at Ajman Police, told that they will be active 24/7 to strengthen their security for residential as well as public and religious places, particularly mosques and Eid musallas.

The Eid without Fines campaign especially focuses on errant young drivers who need a word of advice on a number of traffic matters. The Police will guide them on how they can stay safe on the road.

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