Tesla Increases Range of Model S and Model X to Over 500 km

The Longest-Range Electric Vehicles get major elevations with new drivetrain design that significantly increases vehicles’ range.


Tesla gives a much-needed drive range boost to famous Model S and Model X and beats its own record. The electric cars which already travel farther without recharge than any other Electric Vehicles on the market now cover more than 500 km on a single charge. The best part is, all this have been possible without increasing the size of the cars’ battery. This remarkable revolution makes both vehicles more efficient and desirable.

The Model X and Model S, now come with an improved adaptive suspension system along with advancements in the wheel bearing and tire design. The new air suspension system comes with fully-adaptive damping that offers ultra-soft feel when traveling on the highway and exhilarating confidence during energetic driving.

The system level upgrades enable Model S and Model X to achieve 595 km and 523 km on the EPA cycle with the 100 kWh battery pack (Long-Range models). The updates in both design and architecture will allow drivers to go farther on less battery recharge than before and receive more exposure out of the expenses on charging.

The V2 and V3 superchargers now give 145 kW and 200 kW charging respectively. Tesla has also re-introduced the entry-level Standard Range trim level for both Model S and Model X. Additionally, customers looking to buy the Performance variant will not get the Ludicrous Mode upgrade for free, thus saving $20,000.

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