Careem NOW Reaches Riyadh Adding Over 100 Restaurants and Outlets

The Company has plans to expand to Karachi, Pakistan and Amman, Jordan in the future.



Careem NOW, a food delivery service by ride-hailing company Careem, already operating in Jeddah, has expanded its operations to Riyadh offering customers an opportunity to order from more than 100 restaurants and outlets. At first, the company will cover Ash Shuhada, Ghirnatah, Al Izdihar, Al Mughrizat, Al Falah, Al Hamra, Al Yarmuk, Al Taawun, Qurtubah, and Al Wadi regions. However, they plan to include more places soon. People can order from Hamburgini, Maestro Pizza, Kudu, Applebees, Fuddruckers, Marble Slab, Baskin-Robbins and Jan Burger. Careem Now will expand quickly by including more outlets every week. To entice the customers, the company is providing a 50% discount (up to 30 SAR) right now.

The existing customers of Careem would be happy to know that they will be able to use their credentials to log into the Careem Now app. Both apps will integrate to include existing customer’s credit card details and saved addresses. The smart reorder facility will enable users to replicate the last order on a single click. It would also allow the customers to track their order in real time.  

Adeeb Warsi, Managing Director of Careem-NOW, stated, “The people of Riyadh are now able to enjoy the same Careem NOW service that we successfully launched in Jeddah back in December. Only 15 percent of the food delivery market in our region currently operates via an app, but Careem-NOW enables users to order from a wide range of restaurants easily and with rapid door-to-door delivery.”

Careem NOW app links users to close by eateries giving them a chance to order from the comfort of their places by easily searching their favorite foods as per their dietary needs.

Careem NOW has plans to expand to Karachi, Pakistan and Amman, Jordan in the future.


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