W Motors and ICONIQ Motors Display their first Autonomous Vehicle MUSE in Shanghai

ICONIQ also has introduced SEVEN Generation 2.


First showed in a private gathering in Feb 2019, W Motors and ICONIQ Motors have formally introduced their Level 5 autonomous vehicle MUSE at the Shanghai Auto Show. The all-electric self-driving car has an innovative infotainment system, smart onboard services, state-of-the-art broad screen user interfaces and cutting-edge cloud-computed connectivity. There are two big screen and four tablets onboard that redefine the user experience.

The brains behind the design of MUSE are designers from W Motors. The vehicle is highly aerodynamic offering optimum efficiency. We can see the 3 meter wide gullwing door with an entry height of 1.4 meters and four seats (front two seats can swivel).

MUSE Designed by W Motors

The developers have taken help from AKKA Technologies, Magna Steyr and Microsoft USA to create this wonderful self-driving car. The car will be completed in different phases; however, a fleet of prototypes will be ready before EXPO 2020 that will run in specified areas. The development of series vehicles will start in 2023.

“Electric and autonomous cars are the future, this is undisputed; it is estimated that electric vehicles will make up a massive 40-50% share of the global auto market by 2040, up from around 3% today. The transition from conventional vehicles to electric ones will happen sooner than expected due to cost efficiency and environmental awareness, and a shift in mindset away from car ownership will take this transport model one step further,” stated Ralph R. Debbas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of  W Motors. “Shared mobility systems will no doubt increasingly dominate city’s future ecosystems, and as a homegrown company, we are proud to be a part of this drive in Dubai,” Debbas added.

Iconiq Motors unveiled is new MPV, the Seven VIP / Premium vehicle.

Apart from the MUSE, the Chinese automaker ICONIQ has introduced SEVEN Generation 2 at the show. It is an electric Smart Passenger Vehicle (SPV) focusing on comfort and enhanced user experience. Offered in 2 variants, the SEVEN II VIP grade comes with two presidential seats and a 37-inch LED screen. On the other hand, the SEVEN II Premium variant is slated to satisfy the needs of both business and individual users.

The New Fenyr SuperSport is the latest addition to the W Motors line-up of Hypercars Focusing purely on performance, power and speed. Limited to only 25 units per year, reaching a total of 100 units worldwide, the carbon fiber masterpiece perfertly balances advanced aerodynamics engineering with the aggresive W Motors aesthetics conceived by the Dubai-based W Motors Design Studio.

Additionally, W Motors showcased the Fenyr SuperSport Production Model in arctic white with unique gold accents. The hypercar is limited to 110 units, which encompass 10 Launch Editions. It carries a twin-turbo flat 6, mid-rear 3.8L engine good for 800 HP. This huge power enables it to reach 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds on its way to a maximum top speed of 400 km/h.

The Lykan HyperSport is powered by a 3,746 cc (3.7 L) twin-turbocharged flat-six engine developed by Ruf Automobile, producing a maximum power output of 750 PS (740 bhp; 552 kW) at 7,100 rpm and 960 N⋅m (708 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4,000 rpm. The engine has a mid-rear mounted position and transfers power to the rear wheels.

How can W Motors forget about their first hypercar, the Lykan HyperSport? The automaker also displayed at the show. The legendary Lykan HyperSport features a complete carbon fiber body, a patented reverse dihedral door system, a jewel-encrusted key with diamond-lined headlights, and an advanced holographic interactive display.

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