Rolls-Royce Unveils The Majestic Phantom Tranquility

Production is only limited to 25 vehicles.


Rolls-Royce has introduced yet another bespoke luxurious vehicle to add to their illustrious portfolio – the Phantom Tranquility. It is truly a collector car since its production is only limited to 25 vehicles. Its first look at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show turned heads and inspired people.

Available as both Phantom and Phantom Extended Wheelbase, it exudes grace and serenity. No wonder all 25 models have already been purchased. The Phantom Tranquility takes luxury to new heights, the feeling of comfort and euphoria one would feel inside the car is indescribable.

The car features Tranquility Gallery, which is a design pattern inspired by silhouettes. The automaker created these silhouettes by the radiation traveling through the X-Ray coded aperture masks found on the Skylark space rocket. So, it is fair to say the Phantom Tranquility is cosmic in its beauty. The lucky 25 will also revel in the luxury of the 24-karat gold, space grade aluminum and stainless steel. The space theme continues on the roof, where LED lights mimic the stars in the night. The Phantom Tranquility imitates a spacecraft with only one drawback – it does not fly.

The Tranquility also incorporates a meteorite inside the volume controller. This is a genuine Muonionalusta, which fell from the space to Kiruna in Sweden in 1906.

The interior is available in two distinct colors – Arctic White and Selby Grey leather. Furthermore, a vapor blasted yellow gold and titanium clock along with the interplanetary motif is present just to remind us how far we have come.

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