How Chevrolet’s Active Safety Features Avoid or Minimize Your Chances of an Accident

Let us discuss them in brief:


It will not be wrong to say that advanced active safety features have made driving easier and safer. These facilities are specifically helpful for new drivers, who mostly focus on avoiding collisions on the road. Chevrolet cars come equipped with different advanced active safety features, which avoid or minimize the chances of a crash. Let us discuss them in brief:

Forward Collision Alert Tells About an Imminent Crash

The Forward Collision Alert checks the vehicle in front of you. If it slows down, the system will warn you about the impending crash. You can set the distance indicator to ‘Far’, ‘Medium’, ‘Near’ or you can simply turn this feature ‘off’.

Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking System Brakes for you at Low Speeds

The Chevrolet’s Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking system works under 80 km/h speed avoiding front-end collision by applying automatic breaks. Suppose the car in front of you puts sudden brakes, the system will automatically apply brakes to minimize the severity of the impact. At very low speed, the system can even avoid the accident by stopping the car completely.

Chevrolet’s Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning Keeps you in Your Lane

One of the biggest reasons of accidents is sudden swerving. Most drivers do not abide by the lane discipline, and that is why the rear-end collisions are very common. Chevrolet’s Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning checks your driving behavior for sudden swerving. When your vehicle veers, it first warns you and if you do not take action, it gently steers the wheel to get you back in the lane.

Chevrolet’s Rear Vision Camera Lets You Park Easily

Reversing and parking are the two most difficult tasks a new driver comes across, especially in tight urban areas. Do not worry, the active safety features are here to help. Chevrolet’s Rear Vision Camera saves the day as it provides you live view of the traffic at the rear through its MyLink touchscreen. Just take your time and park with ease.

Reversing Rear Cross Traffic Alert Warns You of Oncoming Traffic

As I said previously, for new drivers, the reversing is not easy, especially when they have to reverse from a tight spot to get on the road. The Reversing Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology employs radar sensors to observe oncoming traffic passing behind. The technology warns you on the MyLink touchscreen for any approaching vehicle.

Chevrolet’s Side Blind Zone Alert Makes Changing Lanes Easy

For most new drivers, changing lanes can be complicated. In the UAE particularly, it is never easy. You never know if a car is in your blind spot. Chevrolet’s Side Blind Zone Alert feature again saves you from a collision. It employs short-range radar sensors to alert you about vehicles in your blind zone. Now safely change lanes as the system takes care of blind spots.

These are some of the main active safety features in Chevrolet cars. For more details, explore all Chevy models here.

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